5 Best Places to Buy Makeup Brushes Online

To invest or not to invest? That is the number one question when it comes to makeup brushes. With an overwhelming amount of brands, styles, sets, and bristles, it’s pretty hard to suss out the basics, even if you’re beauty-savvy. Whether you’re looking for the perfect nose contour set (yes, those exist!), a coveted sable bristle shader, or just an amazing value, here are the 5 best places to buy makeup brushes online.



Source: Morphe Brushes

Let’s start with the obvious, Morphe brushes are beauty influencers’ BFFs. The brand is famous for its large variety of brushes and affordable price point. If you’re looking for a great starter set or need a super specific brush that won’t break your beauty bank, Morphe is your one stop shop.


Say mê

Source: Instagram

Say mê is an indie professional brand that’s devoted to flawless blending and self-expression. They’re nothing short of a high quality investment piece. Each Say mê brush is hand sewn with the goat’s hair bristles for the softest makeup application.



Source: Instagram

Zoeva’s artistry-of-all-vibes has gained them a cult following. Founded on the belief that pro style brushes can be also budget-friendly, Zoeva is perfect for product junkies who need a new staple or want to want to experiment. I’ve totally been window shopping this Rose Golden Complete Eye Kit, which has all the essentials and a little something extra.


Sigma Beauty

Source: Instagram

Beloved by the pros, Sigma Beauty makeup brushes are a must-have if you’re confident in your makeup application. It’s also the best place on the web to stock up on cutting edge beauty tools like brush cleaning mitts and the revolutionary 3D makeup blender. An amazing beauty buy, each brush comes with a two-year warranty—so don’t forget to keep that receipt in your inbox.



Source: Instagram

Artis Brushes aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re an innovator or even a bit high maintenance (#noshame), Artis brushes have a state of the art design that’s been described as the “rolex of makeup brushes.” Known for their airbrush application, Artis was catapulted into the beauty spotlight after Kim Kardashian was seen posing on her social media with their signature Elite 10 Brush Set .



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