5 Moisturizers Men Should Be Using

As we approach the driest and most skin damaging season of the year, it’s time to talk moisturizers. (Hint: there’s more out there than those basic lotions that just sit on your cuticles.) Second only to daily hydration, quality creams are the best way to protect your skin and prevent a painful winter. Check out these relief-providing solutions, and give your skin a break during those cold weather months.


Brickell Men’s Products

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The founders of Brickell Men’s Products had an issue with their regular grooming and skin care products—namely: toxic, synthetic and harmful chemical ingredients. So they set out do do something about it. They created a line of products made from natural organic compounds, with a focus on traceability for their ingredients. Plus, they’re so confident you’ll love their stuff that the sample kit is free.


No B.S.

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Although the name may say it all, there are a lot more reasons to like No B.S. than the catchy name. The products are all plant based and the compounds they use are driven to keep pH below a 3.0 which (according to them) is an ideal range for lotions. They also offer free samples, so it’s hard to go wrong!



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This value brand brings a lot of chemistry and dermatological know-how to skin. They use a chemical compound called ceramides, which are lipids (aka fat) that form a layer to lock moisture in. This protection barrier is scientifically formulated to last for several hours (they say 24, so check back tomorrow) allowing for fewer applications at one of the more cost-effective price points. Their products are free of perfumes, so it’s a great option if you’re set with scents.



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This Tel Aviv-based company sources all their ingredients from the Mediterranean region. They use essential oils and other plant-based ingredients in the majority of their products—with Jojoba and Sweet Almond oil playing starring roles. These oils are good for moisture retention,  hair follicle cleansing, and fighting the winter itch.


First Aid Beauty

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This brand isn’t just for the ladies. One noticeable benefit is the sheer number of moisturizing ingredients they pack into each product. Seriously, it is like someone challenged them to see how many they can squeeze into the lotion. Their lineup of options for resolving dryness is just as extensive, and they have different creams for all sorts of skin ailments you might be battling.  There are free samples to be found here as well, so grab some before it hurts to grab.


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