A Battle of the Foodie Boxes

Foodie favorite brands Mouth and Try the World deliver snacks, with a few key differences.


Feeling snacky? These two subscription boxes offer mouthwatering selections of decadent treats from around the country and the globe. Stuck choosing just one as a gift or feast? Read on to learn what makes each box unique.



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Mouth is a Brooklyn-based foodie’s paradise. Offering interesting and delicious foods from “indie makers,” the brand brings its customers unique and unusual offerings that will surprise and delight, and all their individual products and box subscriptions support small-batch makers around the country.

Choose individual items to create a custom gift—the selection includes baked goods, candy, cocktail mixers, pickles, and more—or pick from Mouth’s curated selection of pre-made gift baskets and boxes. Popular options include a monthly pickle box, hot cocoa kit or sweet and savory holiday treats. 

Instead of a one-time gift box, they also offer monthly subscription options. Simply choose your favorite box type and let the snack surprises roll in all-year long. Feeling adventurous? Opt for Indie America, which is a box for “Mouths who love to explore,” or the Best of Mouth box that delivers popular items from the site. 


Try the World

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Unlike Mouth, Try the World is a subscription-only service. They offer two different types of boxes: the Countries and the Snacks box. For $39 per month, the countries box delivers exotic and delicious snacks from countries around the world, right to your door. Each box includes seven or eight products that can range from Argentinean olive spread to pistachio cream from Italy.

Unlike the Countries box, the Snack box is filled specifically with food that’s easy to eat on-the-go. Still sourced from the far corners of the globe, these boxes boast a selection of global favorites like French butter cookies, Sriracha banana chips from Thailand and Japanese yuzu gummy candies. 


The verdict?


Mouth offers a totally customizable selection of the best of the US, while Try the World is perfect for the adventurous global eater. For the ultimate munchie one-two punch, give both boxes a try.



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