A Hint for sticking with your wellness resolutions


You can take it as a given that as 2019 unfolds, wellness – the state of being in good health and the conscious decision to go for the lifestyle that promotes it – will be at the top of most of our to-do lists. Here’s the story of a better-for-you brand that is being led by the personal wellness solutions of a gutsy dreamer and trailblazer.

Hint comes to you from entrepreneur, Kara Goldin, who decided to share her healthier life hacks in a business that offers products making it easier and more fun to live healthier.

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Like what?

Hint Water is her flagship product. It’s a delicious fruit-flavored water drink WITHOUT sugar and diet sweeteners.

Kara’s wellness journey

The product was born of her personal story. After leaving her job at AOL, Kara found herself overweight, low energy and suffering from adult acne. Kara felt it time to put her health first. Despite making changes to her workout and diet regimens, she was still having trouble reaching her health goals. Then it clicked: she was addicted to diet soda – 8-10 cans a day of it. After researching ingredients in diet soda and realizing she didn’t know what was going into her body, she quit it cold turkey and turned to water.

Plain water proved to be a quick fix, but Kara found it bland. She began cutting up fruit and throwing it in pitchers of water. This little experiment in her kitchen helped her to continue drinking water and was a hit with her family and friends. And so Hint was born. What started as a quick solution to her own health problem soon turned into a product. And a company.

Hint in 2019

Today, Hint is going beyond water. Kara recently introduced Hint Sunscreen, an SPF 30 sunscreen mist that’s enhanced with the same essences used in Hint water. Once again, Kara created the product to solve a personal problem after finding several precancerous cells on her face. Kara and her team are dedicated to helping people live healthier lives, easily. Stay tuned to discover what’s next…

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