Brand Spotlight: Doing Things with Outdoor Voices

The innovative sportswear brand is reimagining what it means to be active.

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If the bright hue, modern silhouettes and playful colors combinations weren’t your first clue, Outdoor Voices is changing the game in athletic wear. The Austin-based brand transforms activity and exercise from a competitive pursuit to something fun—not just with their clothes, but through their slogan “Doing Things.” 


Doing Things

“‘Doing Things’ is a super non-prescriptive, inclusive, and approachable idea,” founder Tyler Haney told Refinery29. Founded in 2013, Haney’s vision for the brand was inspired by her youth in Colorado, where she often spent time outdoors hiking and playing sports. 

Haney then studied at Parsons School of Design, where she learned about materials and construction, which served as a jumping-off point for what would become Outdoor Voices. The brand’s signature material is not a traditional spandex. Instead, it is meant to not show sweat during exercise and offer feminine—but practical and unfussy—products. 

Outdoor Voices’ pieces were featured in several boutiques and stores before the brand launched its own retail space in October 2014 in Austin, and the success of that location led to a second outpost in New York City’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. 


It’s an Inclusive Community

Besides simply selling the clothes, Haney is also dedicated to creating a community. They have launched several initiatives, including “Doing Things Day” across cities around the country and the brand has an active and engaged social media following that interacts under the #DoingThings tag. 

They offer a full line of athletic gear for both men and women, including leggings, tanks, shorts and swimwear. One of the popular options is the OV Kit, which allows customers to mix and match leggings and athletic tops in different colors and styles for a personalized set.


Get Started with Outdoor Voices

Haney told the Fashionista: “For me, it’s all about showing people that activity can be fun. There are so many people in this world who want to be more active, but the moment they go into a traditional active wear store, they don’t see themselves in that triathlete uniform—it’s intimidating. I want Outdoor voices to [make] it easy and comfortable to participate and get started.” 


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