Brand Spotlight: Burrow into a Revolutionary Sofa

Your couch should last longer than your lease, full stop.

Finding a sofa that’s cute, comfy, affordable, easy to assemble, and just the right size? It’s a project, to say the least. Maybe you’re moving into a new space, or maybe you just need to upgrade your college futon. Either way, there are few furniture purchases more important than the piece you sit on every day. Burrow, the modern and sustainable sofa brand revolutionizing the furniture industry, gets this.


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They Get It

Burrow knows what you really want from your couch: a place to sit, nap, charge your phone, drink wine, binge-watch Netflix, and be with the people you love. And it needs to last longer than your lease! But the furniture industry has been operating the same way for over 100 years, and there’s a lot of opportunity for improvement. Enter Burrow: they focus on better source materials, sustainable manufacturing, innovative design, quick delivery, and simple setup.

Priced Right

Even Burrow’s biggest pieces of furniture don’t require freight delivery, which means that Burrow couches are shipped free, fast, and directly to you. No middleman retail markups leave customers with $600+ in savings. Yes, please.

Easy Moving. Simple Setup.

Burrow couches arrive in easy to move boxes with clear, concise instructions. And, note, you will not need 7 days and bottomless coffee to figure out how to put them together. No moving team or other experts necessary, either.

Stain and Scratch Resistant

You should be able to eat pizza on your sofa. Burrow constructs their couches with such tightly woven threads that the fabric is naturally grease and scratch resistant. No more pushing your furry friends off the couch.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Burrow sofas are handcrafted in the US from durable, sustainably-sourced hardwood and non-toxic fabrics. Aiming to be an heirloom piece for your home, Burrow’s dedication to sustainability also delivers a couch you’ll have for years to come.

Innovative & Customizable

Burrow’s designs make it easy to add or subtract pieces if you should need to turn your sofa into a loveseat, your loveseat into a sofa, or add an ottoman. And every piece comes with a built in USB charger. Because, priorities.

Source: Instagram

Wanna give Burrow a try? They make it easy with a 30-day guarantee. And if you’re not impressed, they’ll take it back no questions asked. 


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