Brand Spotlight: Clare Simplifies Paint Shopping

Paint shopping: the two words that evoke both excitement and fear in the hearts of prospective buyers. (On that note, what even is the color of Elephant Breath?) Enter the interactive online design brand that’s revolutionizing the way you shop for paint. Thanks to Clare, transforming your wall space doesn’t have to mean hours mulling over paint swatches. (Feel that? It’s called relief.)

The (55) Essentials

Interior designer and Clare founder Nicole Gibbons sorted through literally thousands of colors to narrow down Clare’s color palette to the essential 55 shades that any home would need. Among the timeless selections are mid-tones, non-headache inducing bolds like Matcha Latte, and not-too-boring neutrals like the prism-shattering Greige (which is exactly the not-too-gray/not-too-beige mix you needed). Each paint shade has a blend of undertones to create a rich dimensional color that doesn’t fall flat.

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Consult with a color genius

Whether you’re up in the air on a paint shade, or just want to get some backup on your color choice, Clare has an online color genius that helps you select a shade based on your walls’ needs. (Think Sephora’s infamous Color IQ, but for your room). After factoring in your square footage, amount of light, existing decor, and your personal style, Clare’s groundbreaking algorithm picks out the three best shades for your room. If you’re wanting to try out your perfect shade before committing to a full bucket of paint, you can order one of Clare’s peel and stick wall swatches to see how the color fits into your home.

More than your average bucket of paint

Not only does Clare make it super easy to pick out your perfect paint shade, they also have a revolutionary formula that makes a DIY room transformation totally fuss-free. The water-based paint was designed to apply evenly on any surface, without primer, and is both low odor and low chemical emissions. Not to mention, all of Clare’s shades boast their signature eggshell finish that dries down to a professional-looking soft sheen.

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Never step foot in a home improvement store again

Clare is pretty much your one stop shop for all things paint. The brand also offers their own collection of painting supplies, including the super practical 5 Piece Painting Kit, to help you get the job done. And for a finishing step, you can even grab one of Clare’s completing trim and ceiling paint shades.

Source: Instagram

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