Brand Spotlight: Hers Offers a New Approach to Women’s Health

The telemedicine startup changing the way you think about healthcare.


For Women, By Women

Newly launched in fall of this year, Hers is a startup dedicated to delivering affordable and FDA-approved birth control to women everywhere. The brand also offers Addyi—a treatment for hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or low sex drive—along with acne-fighting and melasma skin care and shampoo for thinning hair to round out their comprehensive offerings.

“Our goal is to help women make the most informed choices about their health at every stage of their healthcare journey,” Hilary Coles, Hers’ brand team lead, said.


Source: Hers


Breaking Down Barriers

Hers also boasts a combination of products to improve not only sexual health, but overall wellness too. Working to eliminate the stigma around women’s issues, the company is trying to break down barriers around sex, confidence, acne and more.

Hair loss, for example, is still a taboo topic among women—even though about 50 percent of women will experience it at some point as a common postpartum issue. Through both their product offering and their blog, Savoir Vivre, they hope to create an open dialogue and safe space for customers.


Source: Hers


Embracing Telemedicine

Instead of visiting the doctor, which can result in costly co-pays and expensive prescriptions, Hers is trying to change the classic model. Instead, the brand offers its customers quality products ranging in price from $16 to $99.

By delivering safe products through their online platform, Hers aims to eliminate issues surrounding accessibility and time by sending them directly through the mail. Sister brand to Hims, which launched last year and raised $97 million in funding, Hers capitalizes on the already-successful telemedicine model. Instead of visiting the doctor, which sometimes results in costly co-pays and expensive prescription premiums, their customers can now have products delivered right to their door.


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The Future of Women’s Health

With the introduction of affordable, often hard-to-access products in the online market, Hers is changing the game for wellness. Instead of adhering to the traditional, often archaic healthcare model, they have reimagined a 360-degree approach to women’s health.

“We’re a platform that provides women with the best education and medical solutions around mental and physical wellness,” Coles told AdWeek. “We believe that by building a judgment-free and efficient diagnosis process, and offering access to the most reliable products, we can remove the barriers typically associated with prescription-based care.”


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