Brand Spotlight: Miss A Practically Gives this Beauty Stuff Away

If you keep up with any beauty gurus, you may be familiar with Miss A, the online dollar makeup store where everything is—that’s right!—one dollar. (Well, almost everything, but we’ll take it.) But no need to add to cart based on dollar signs alone; this ultimate budget beauty brand is worth a deeper dive. Here’s why:


It’s an affordable makeup playground.

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Miss A was founded for beauty product junkies to stock up their makeup bags and experiment with new trends without breaking the bank. You don’t have to be completely beauty-savvy to enjoy Miss A, either. Even if you’re just playing around with eyeliner techniques, Miss A is a great place to start before investing in luxe beauty brands.


They literally have everything.

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On Miss A you’ll find a wide selection of everything you need from five-star concealers, to eyelashes, makeup brush sets, and even charcoal pore strips. You could easily pull together a complete beauty routine, skincare and tools included, for less than a week’s worth of latte runs. The site carries a large mix of brands, including YouTuber faves LA Girl and Elf. However, most shoppers opt for the exclusive Miss A brand Studio AOA, which is formulated with all FDA approved ingredients and is cruelty-free. In addition to the individual products, you can also shop for themed makeup product kits and magnetic eyeshadow palettes that ring in anywhere from $10-$20, making them some of the best values on the web.


(. . . Even not makeup!)

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Aside from pulling together a full face for under $20, you can also shop Miss A for a large selection of jewelry, hair accessories, and goodies like socks, scarves, and stationary.


So. . . how is everything just a dollar?

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Believe it or not, there is some business theory behind those too good to be true prices. According to the Miss A site, the brand keeps markup prices low by eliminating both middlemen distributors and mainstream advertising costs. The brand’s founders, husband and wife duo Kenneth and Jean, have also been around the beauty industry for years, and have been able to make the most amazing relationships with manufacturers who produce speciality products just for the site. That way, you’re getting the highest quality product at the lowest price point.


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