Brand Spotlight: Myro Deodorant, Delivered

Thanks to the ‘net, gone forever are your days of embarrassing errand runs. Meet Myro, the refillable deodorant company that’s changing the way the way we shop for personal hygiene products.  The subscription-based brand with eco-friendly vibes delivers a month supply of its all-natural deodorant to your doorstep, so you don’t have to waste time standing in line hoping you don’t run into anyone you know. Here’s everything you need to know about Mryo before you hit subscribe.


It’s More Than Your Average Deodorant  

Myro was developed for the beauty-savvy who crave transparency in their products. This refillable deodorant pod has a breakthrough plant-based formula. Meaning it’s free of the aluminum, parabens, talc, artificial colors,  and everything that you makes you look at the ingredient list on your drugstore deodorant and go ‘meh.’ Myro also comes in a variety of different fragrance stories including the woodsy Cabin #5 and the ylang ylang infused Pillow Talk that are au natural scents (so you don’t have to be). According to its customer reviews,  Myro doesn’t spot or transfer onto clothing freeing you from all fashion nightmares.


Source: Instagram


Eco-Chic and Shelfie Ready

What goes better with a botanical formula than an eco-chic shell? It’s reusable, environmentally conscious model uses 50 percent less plastic than drugstore deodorant. The case comes in a range of colors (including pink!), and an aesthetically pleasing design that you might actually want to flaunt in your bathroom #shelfies.  Each refillable pod snuggly fits into the portable no-leak shell.


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No Strings Attached Subscription Service

You can get started with Myro for a refillable case and a deodorant pod in the color and the fragrance story of your choice at $10. Following your first order, three refillable pods are delivered to you every three months. You can easily, pause, cancel, switch up scents, and reorder a new shell at your convenience.


Source: Instagram

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