Brand Spotlight: Package Free Shop is Zero Waste, All Convenience

If you’re struggling with the decision to be environmentally conscious because it’s inconvenient or expensive, you’re in luck! Based in Brooklyn, Package Free Shop is an affordable zero waste company that sells everyday items so you can conveniently live your life, guilt free. In addition to creating some of their own products, they only source from other like minded companies so you can easily get a bamboo toothbrush and a compostable iPhone case in one place without hurting the environment or breaking the bank.


What’s in a name?

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Package Free Shop, as you might have guessed, has a strict packaging policy. The only packaging you’ll find on their products are recyclable, compostable, or legally required for sanitation purposes. Plus, they ship in cardboard boxes, with paper wrapping and tape, so you can rest assured none of that’s ending up in a landfill.


How have they made an impact?

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Not only are they providing their customers with more sustainable options, they have already had a tremendous impact on the other vendors they work with. Due to their strict packaging policy, they’ve pushed vendors to take that extra step to reduce waste. Vendors and customers alike are increasingly eliminating the use of single-use plastic and that’s huge.


You’ve made your purchase, now what?

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Each product has “End of Life” instructions right down to how you should dispose of each component, ensuring that your aluminum shampoo bottle stays far away from that landfill, even after the shampoo is long gone. This is so important because although people may want to protect the environment, they don’t always know how. So, you’ve done your part for mother earth and are probably feeling inspired by all this eco-friendly activity. Package Free Shop has a blog with suggestions on how to live a zero waste life. Sure, being more eco-friendly is good for the environment but it feels good too. That sounds like a win-win.


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