Brand Spotlight: Proven Provides Personalized Skincare

Taking the Guesswork Out of Skincare

There is a really good chance that the skincare products in your lineup aren’t helping your skin like they should. Wait, what? Most mass-market skincare products are designed for broad appeal, but they aren’t designed for you. That’s what makes Proven different: their personalized skin assessment delivers a tailored therapeutic treatment for your skin, all backed by research and data.


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The Skin Assessment

Proven’s focus is on gathering data and identifying a unique combination of ingredients for each person. In about 3 minutes, they’ll know more about your skin than you do! They source more than 20,000 ingredients selected by the Skin Genome Project—a global study of 4000 scientific papers on skin types, conditions, and various dermatological ingredients. That’s a whole lot of data that Proven puts to work for your skin.


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Computational Physics for Your Face

Before Proven was personally tailoring skincare for all, founders Amy Yuan and Ming Zhao were designing AI software to fix their own skin problems. The results were positive, so they decided to bring on the Head of Dermatology at Stanford to round out the brain trust. Now, they’re using a custom skin algorithm and have and a lot of results to show for it. When asked by Forbes Magazine how Proven stands out among a multitude of products, founder Ming Zhao responded, “within this mass of data lies the answers to what each specific person’s skin needs… it matches the right ingredients to each person’s differing lifestyle and genetics to custom formulate a regimen for each person.”


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You’re 3 Minutes From Nixing Your Dermatologist

Even though the path to how Proven formulated their brand was complicated and calculated, their solution and customer platform is simple. Not only is the assessment quick, but getting a personalized skin care product designed for you by data and dermatologists couldn’t be easier. No need to schedule a doctor’s appointment or trust that friend who has perfect skin. Those days are done, and Proven is here to provide empirical proof.



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