Brand Spotlight: Ritual Transforms Routine Vitamins

Meet Ritual, the subscription-based women’s multivitamin that’s not afraid to ask what’s really in your health supplements? The breakthrough brand is devoted to revolutionizing how women’s multi-vitamins are developed, saving you all the blank stares and subpar guessing that goes on in the aisles of the drugstore (but what does Vitamin K really do?).  If you’re ready to switch up your morning routine and feel confident in your women’s multi-vitamin, here’s what you need to know about Ritual before you hit subscribe.


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The Multi-Vitamin Gives You What You Really Need

The brand has a no-fuss formula dedicated to cutting out the synthetic fluff and giving the women the nutrients that they really need. Ritual used evidence-based research from clinical trials to identify what women’s bodies really need.  A bioavailable solution, Ritual’s multivitamin supports organ and bone health, fills in for the nutrients commonly lacking in daily diets, and promotes healthy aging—which is far beyond the typical hair/skin/nail supplements that grace drugstore shelves.


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They’re Not Shy About Their Ingredients

Providing customers with total transparency, Ritual is going places no other multivitamin company has been. Their site lists each multivitamin’s essential ingredients, what each ingredient specifically targets for sustained well-being, and exactly where each ingredient is sourced.  If that isn’t enough for skeptics, Ritual even provides consumers with interviews from its manufacturers who explain their ingredients and philosophy in depth.


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It’s Totally IGable

Ritual, might be the most photogenic multivitamin on the market. However, there is some science behind that eye-catching capsule. For better absorption and a no-nausea formula, Ritual’s floating beadlets design was developed for a delayed release that promotes better health benefits throughout the day.


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You’re Going to Want to Take These in the Morning

That’s right, Ritual vitamins are actually tolerable to swallow, unless you have a problem with peppermint. Each capsule is infused with peppermint oil for refreshing flavor acting as a early morning mood booster.


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