4 Non-Tech Brands Using Smart, Innovative Technology

New tech means custom-for-you products that make cookie cutter objects a thing of the past. We’ve found innovative companies that want to help you express yourself in every arena imaginable: from beauty and fashion to home goods and fitness. See how these companies are using 3D scans, color matching, and live streaming to deliver customized products and services like never before.

Peloton Bike 

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Wanna go to spin class, but, like, . . . not? The founders of Peloton feel you. With your membership, you get 24-hour access to streaming live classes or on-demand workouts. You’ll get all the healthy competition and inspiration of group workouts plus in-depth metrics to track your progress. And? It’s all the comfort of your own home.


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Dying for a hair color option between pricey salons and shelf-standard boxes? Custom hair color company eSalon, based in Los Angeles, CA, uses a patented machine called Polly (short for Polly Chrome) to individually mix each and every customer’s individual color—to order. This technology allows them to keep every hair color unique to the customer and absolutely fresh, unlike the limited boxed colors that come premixed at retail stores.



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No two feet are identical… not even your own. This custom shoe brand uses scanning and printing tech to create a pair of shoes with the perfect fit. The process is simple—download an app, take pics of your feet(z), and they’ll 3d print and assemble a custom set of shoes made especially for you. If you can customize your latte at Starbucks, shouldn’t you be able to customize your shoes?


North Drinkware

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This company uses data from the US Geological Survey to create tiny replicas of natural wonders in the bottom of your pint glass. What started as a Kickstarter campaign for their local Oregon Pint (with a Mt. Hood miniature) has expanded into hand-blown replicas of America’s mountains for your drinking pleasure. Celebrate your roots and local pride with these artisans’ work. (Frosty brew not included.)


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