Catch Some Zzz’s With Our Bed-in-a-Box Roundup


It’s time that we talk about beds in boxes! The uniquely millennial craze where we order our mattresses online and have them delivered straight to our doorstep… cutting out all the awkward mattresses salespeople and sales floor models in the process.  It’s a pretty no-fuss buying method, but it does require that you do a bit of research at the top. If you’re looking into making the bed-in-the-box plunge, here’s a few of our favorite brands that our revolutionizing the way that you sleep!



Source: Purple

Purple is one of the few brands that actually live up the viral marketing hype!  With more than 15,000 reviews and counting, Purple is a fave for side sleepers, back sleepers, and even Goldilocks herself. What sets Purple apart is its innovative Comfort Grid Technology that adapts to your body’s pressure points and your spine’s alignment for the perfect night’s sleep. The OG bed in the box, Purple is delivered to your door in an air-tight tube, and expands in minutes to fit to your bed frame. How cool is that?!



Source: Casper

Casper is the IG famous bed in the box that has gotten the approval of several of our favorite influencers (and b-list reality TV stars).  Engineered for cloud-like comfort, Casper beds are crafted of high density memory foam which makes them the brand of choice for side sleepers. Caper’s coil-free technology provides sleepers the perfect balance of softness and support. Not to mention, it’s also won the brand a Time Invention of the Year Award.



Source: Instagram

Chichewa for the word “sleep,” Tulo has the most personalized approach to shopping and offers bed in the boxes in three different styles!  If you’re on the fence about which foam density works the best for you, the brand has an interactive buying guide to help you select your model based sleeping positions and pressure points.  Plus, if you’re super in love with your Tulo mattress, you can purchase a matching foam pillow with the same heavenly, climate controlled technology.



Source: Instagram

Nectar is all about the luxury experience. This bed in the box combines flexible memory foam with high-tech gel layers to comfortably fit the contours of your body! The brand also uses organic, state of the art fabrics for breathability and temperature control while you sleep!  If you’re wanting the full package, Nectar offers a gravity-defying adjustable bed frame with built-in massagers and USB outlets. Literally way too next level to make up!



Source: Instagram

Both plush and firm, Layla has an innovative design that’s perfect for back sleepers needing a stable night’s sleep! This bed in a box is infused with copper foils to help you sleep cooler and give your pressure points better compression. Layla has a dual-sided design that you can totally flip over to swap up firmness when needed. It’s like having two beds in one.


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