Cool STEM toys for the Mars Generation

With manned missions to Mars just around the corner, today’s grade schoolers could be tomorrow’s Mars colonists (cool, right?!). For this Mars Generation to be successful, they need to embody the right stuff as astronauts and interplanetary adventurers.  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is the toolkit that can make this dream a reality ASAP.  Let’s check out some of the hottest STEM toys that kids (and techie parents) crave!


GeoSmart Flip Bot

Source: Fat Brain Toys

Building a space colony takes quite a bit of engineering know-how, so jump-start learning with fun robotic vehicles like the GeoSmart Flip Bot. The Flip Bot allows your child to click together magnetic shapes, wires, wheels, and motors into whatever creative and wacky designs they want! It’s engineering basics, disguised as remote-controlled robot fun. Plus, their creations are all-terrain: they’ll traverse sand, dirt, and mud—you name it.


Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Source: Kano

Learn the magic of coding with a swish and flick of Harry Potter’s wizard wand. Kano developed the Harry Potter Coding Kit that connects motion sensors with a free app to unleash your child’s inner coding wizard. Thanks to the kit’s intuitive design, it’s never been easier to build programs and share them with friends. The wand lets your child cast spells and control code but if they’re in a sharing mood, it could be a fun addition to your next powerpoint presentation at work!


Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set

Source: Crayola

When you’re making the six month trek from Earth to Mars, you’re not going to be sitting around playing cards.  You’ll be doing experiments—like studying the effects of deep space on common Earth elements. As a start, Crayola has developed their Color Chemistry Lab Set to introduce your soon-to-be-space cadet to chemical reactions.  The kit comes complete with the necessary ingredients and instructions for 16 activities that range from building an active volcano to creating colorful quicksand and much more.



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