Your Discarded Plastic Can Now Become Your Parka, Thanks to Everlane

Everlane just announced their recycled plastic plan that will make factories, stores, and shipments even more eco-friendly.

Source: Everlane

Now, thanks to Everlane, you don’t have to choose between looking good and feeling good. Last month, the fashion brand announced its plastic-free initiative that will eliminate all virgin plastic from its supply chain by the end of 2021. 

“Plastic is destroying our planet and there is only one solution: stop creating virgin plastic and renew what’s already here,” Everlane Founder and CEO Michael Preysman told Harper’s Bazaar. “Companies have to take the lead and any company that hasn’t made this commitment is actively choosing to not improve our environment.” 



In addition to its dramatic and admirable change in manufacturing and packaging, the brand also released its ReNew collection line that features outerwear and sweatshirts for both men and women made from recycled plastic bottles. The line will expand later this year to include additional designs, and they estimate that within the first five years, 100 million plastic bottles will be reused to create the pieces in the collection.

Everlane also released an extensive three-year plan, outlining exactly how they will eliminate any and all new plastic from its production process. Packaging will be replaced with recycled versions—all products shipped will feature the recycled version by the end of next year. They also aim to reduce plastic waste 50 percent in their stores and offices by March 2019 and completely by the end of 2021, the brand said in a press release. 

Source: Instagram

Everlane’s plastic-free initiative follows closely on the heels of the unveiling of their Saitex denim factory. By employing a closed system, the factory recycles 98 percent of water used in production and utilizes renewable energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions nearly 80 percent. 

The brand’s commitment to sustainable practices, however, doesn’t have any impact on the design or prices of the clothing. Ranging in price from $65 to $175 and totaling eight different designs, the ReNew collection has been well-received for both its positive environmental impact and its comfort and style.


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