Georgina Grogan knows a mom’s purse is a makeup goldmine

At the intersection of beauty, lifestyle, plus size fashion and disability awareness, Georgina Grogan is a powerhouse. Her openess and honesty on her blog She Might Be Loved led her to receive the Best Blogger Award at the 2015 British Plus Size Fashion Awards.

Georgina clued us in to her original makeup faves, her current morning routine, and more in this One Sentence Wonder interview.

L: How did your career as a beauty influencer begin?

G: I was working part-time at Lush before starting University- I wasn’t really enjoying life and really needed a hobby when a couple customers said I should start a blog, so I did!

L: What were your favorite beauty products growing up?

G: Philosophy– my mum had the best products and
Max Factor– I still use the same mascara that I did when I was 15!

L: Do you remember what the first makeup product you bought was?

G: It was Clinique I think for a wedding, my dad bought it for me.

L: Walk us through your daily skin care routine.

G: With my chronic pain I don’t really wake up and do a full routine- I’ll use a gentle cleanser and then either a glycolic toner or retinol, I’m mostly using Pixi products for that at the minute.

L: What are your favorite brands that you think no one else knows about?

G: Merumaya, I hope people know about them but they’re so underrated and Superdrug Beauty is actually really good too.

L: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what beauty products would you have with you?

G: Skin peel from Merumaya, my skin adores it and probably an SPF too because I burn so much- I love the one from Lancaster.

L: What influences your decision the most when buying beauty products?

G: Quality.

L: What beauty trends do you see emerging over the next few months?

G: Sheet masks are really big at the minute and I don’t think that’s going away anytime soon- they’re even making sheet masks for your vulva, which is really unnecessary and extreme.

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