Good Timing: Stylish & Wallet-Friendly Watches for the Modern Sophisticate

Gone are the days where watches are a large and extravagant splurge. With the help of these stylish and affordable brands, wearing a sophisticated and well-crafted timepiece is as easy as opening your Internet browser.



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Similarly to other popular direct-to-consumer brands, the founders of MVMT set out to change an antiquated industry. Founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, this sleek brand offers high-quality watches at a fraction of the cost of traditional retailers. They first gained their following on social media and capitalized on their popularity—now, over 1.5 million people worldwide are proud MVMT watch wearers. 


The 5th

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This Australian brand uses a unique business model to offer top-of-the-line products to its stylish customers. On the 5th of each month, VIP subscribers to the website gain access to new products and releases—but only on that day. The minimalist designs are inspired by founder Alex McBride’s global travels, and they believe so strongly in their products that they offer a 2-year warranty.


Daniel Wellington

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This successful brand had an unusual founding. Inspired by a traveler he met—named Daniel Wellington—the brand’s founder, Filip Tysander set out to create affordable and refined watches that would appeal to the masses. Fast forward to today, and Daniel Wellington has solidified themselves as a household name in the watch industry. Offering watches with exchangeable straps for both men and women, the versatile pieces are truly timeless. 



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Initially billed as a briefcase brand, Linjer soon added watches to their product offerings. Utilizing the traditional direct-to-consumer model that cuts out the expensive middlemen, they raised $150,000 in 40 days on Indiegogo to jumpstart their brand in 2014. Since then, they have been delivering high quality leather watches to men and women around the world.


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