High Sweet, Low Sugar: Diabetes-Friendly Gift Baskets

Opting for sugar-free foods is a must if you—or your loved ones—need to keep blood glucose under control.  But diabetics suffer a holiday quandary: many gift givers opt for sugary food baskets that will send blood sugar skyrocketing. Thankfully, avoiding this problem is easy enough: just go with one of these food gift basket specially designed to be diabetes-friendly.


Cheryl’s Cookies Sugar-Free Happy Holidays Gift Tower

Source: Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryl’s Cookies has been a mainstay for those seeking delectable desserts since 1981.  Although their customers predominantly order their cookies, cakes, and even soda pop, they’re also known for their extravagant food gift baskets and the sugar-free Happy Holidays Gift Tower is one of their most coveted.  These food baskets feature an awesome assortment of sugar free cookies, brownies, and sea salt caramels that will tickle your taste buds without raising your blood sugar.  Delivered in a festive gift box, it’s a perfect addition to any diabetic’s holiday wish list.


Wolferman’s Deluxe Wintertime Bakery Tower

Source: Wolferman’s Bakery

Not a fan of cookies, brownies or chocolates?  No problem! You can taste the comfort of baked goods that will make your tummy do backflips (in the best way) with Wolferman’s Deluxe Wintertime Bakery Tower.  This delicious tower is filled with scrumptious baked goods that are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or an afternoon pick-me-up.  Each gift basket features a variety of savory scones, two packs of signature English muffins, fruity hamentaschen, and aromatic Tiffin coffee (Side note: everything in this gift basket is Kosher).  Spread the cheer around for someone who’s been longing for something delectable!


Best Of Russell Stover Sugar-Free Gift Basket

Source: Russell Stover

One of the world’s longstanding dessert brands, Russel Stover, has been making waves recently with their Sugar-Free Gift Basket.  This mouthwatering food basket features a wide assortment of Sugar Free Chocolate Candy, Pecan Delights, Toffee Squares, Peanut Butter Cups, Mint Patties, and Dark Chocolate Medallions.  With this much variety, there’s sure to be a sweet treat on hand for every occasion.



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