Indie Nail Polish Brands So You Can Stand Out in a Crowd

Let’s be real, nothing lifts a mood like a good under-the-radar beauty find—and that goes double when the find is a nail color that no one else has. Whether your style is eclectic, glam, goth, or grungy, there’s an indie polish brand that has something that’s totally you. Also? You probably haven’t seen it on everyone and their BFF.



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This luxe nail brand is on the path to becoming the next O.P.I. or Essie. Founded by an editorial nail artist/manicurist to the stars/most fun-sounding job ever, the eponymously named JINsoon earned its reputation for being the most sought-after brand by top fashion influencers. Each color, like the refreshing turquoise Keppel, boosts a genius formula and embodies chic simplicity.


Formula X

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Formula X was made for the color lover. Its prismatic shade range looks more like a Pantone color palette than a nail line, with polishes picking up on even the subtlest of undertones. Not to mention, Formula X has the best brush on this list, ensuring an even one-swipe application.


Marmalade Nails

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Who said this list was strictly polishes? Ok, it was us, but this exception is worth it! Marmalade Nails is a non-damaging press-on nail art brand that gives you a salon quality look for half the cost. Their designs include coffin-shaped holo finishes and ethereal rose quartz inspired nail art give off the essential ‘did it for the gram’ vibes.


Smith & Cult

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Smith & Cult is like Hard Candy’s more grown up style sister. Founded by beauty industry icon Dinah Mohajr (who also created Hard Candy), Smith & Cult has a prism of shades, ingredient conscious formula, and to-die-for display only packaging that was made to be every makeup junkie’s dream.



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