The 5 Hacks You Need to Jumpstart Your Wellness Journey


If you’re wilting in the summer heat, August aka National Wellness Month, is your heat-coma remedy. 

The time to find your summer glow (and we don’t mean sweat) is now, so pledge to get your healthy mojo back ASAP.

But what’s the month about?

This feel-good month celebrates the wellness practices that lead us to be “the best version of ourselves.”  We’re talking confidence, courage, and more love to give – impacting the world around us for the better.

Sounds lovely, but it’s easier said than done.

The challenge is that between family, friends, and work, it can be hard to spend time on ourselves – whether our version of self-care is an Insta-famous aromatherapy face mask or a week-long meditation retreat.

The good news is that there are plenty of little things we can do right now to upgrade our lives and thrive.

Here are the five best ways to [re]discover your best life and look and feel healthier and happier:

Water is your friend. Especially in the summer heat.

After all, our bodies are 70-80% water. It helps dissolve minerals and nutrients and boosts energy levels, alertness, the immune system, and skin complexion.

It even flushes out toxins and reduces eating intake if drunk before meals. Is there anything water can’t do?!

Not crazy about the taste of … nothing?

If it’s hard for you to reach for water in place of coffee or soda, we’ve got a fix. Throw in some lime, berries, cucumber, basil, or orange for a flavor boost.

Mom blogger, @shellandthelittlies, and her 30k followers swear by lemon water in the morning. Add a little apple cider vinegar and turmeric to keep your body G-L-O-W-I-N-G from the inside out.

Still too much effort?

WTRMLN WTR gets that your calendar’s booked. It’s made with two simple ingredients – fresh watermelon and organic lemon. It’s naturally electrolyte-rich squeezed watermelon in a bottle to promote hydration and recovery. 

Being peak-fit is a whole lot easier with a wearable coach to motivate you with AI-powered, personal, real-time feedback.

Ever been curious about your heart rate, calorie burn, breathing, or quality of sleep? Fitness trackers keep you posted on it all.

Even after ten years, motivating wearable tech still reigns. 

Trackers like Fitbit’s rave-reviewed Versa Lite affordable smartwatch, and Motiv’s sleek unisex health-tracking ring are flooding check-out baskets.

But they don’t have to be serious business.

Wearing a fitness tracker when you vacation pushes you to get active even on sedentary travel days. Just a few (shakey) laps of the aisle on the plane count towards your daily activity.

Once you’re at your dream destination, don’t leave the tracker at the Airbnb. Foreign steps count, too!

For joggers with the travel bug, use #SeenOnMyRun to tweet about your exotic route.

While you’re in tech mode, try smart workout shoes. Under Armour’s Hovr Infinite shoes connect via Bluetooth to the MapMyRun app to track, analyze and store detailed running metrics.

Poor sleep habits = stress, fatigue, and weight gain issues.

According to the Institute of Medicine, an estimated 50-70 million US adults have issues with insomnia.

A proper sleep cycle with a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night gives you physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation.

Winding down before bed can do wonders.

Reconnecting with yourself through light meditation creates your own peaceful home sanctuary. And keep blue light from digital devices out of the bedroom for the best sleep of your life.

Start your sleep routine early.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that the hours before midnight are the best time to erase the stress of the day, reduce adrenaline levels, rebalance the immune system, and prepare your body for sleep.

There are also more out-of-the-box solutions.

CBD, a trending ingredient, is a non-psychoactive hemp derivative revered for its power to calm and reduce sleeplessness. You can find it as a key ingredient in pre-bed drinks and night creams.

Everyone seems to be obsessed with getting the perfect night’s sleep but no two sleep routines are alike. With the hundreds of products on the market, spanning supplements to tech sleep aids to mood lighting to pillow sprays, everyone can build their dream routine.

Tired of breaking your healthy eating intentions whenever you get the munchies? 

News flash: Healthy snacks do exist!

If snack prep feels like hard work, a slew of healthy subscription brands make it soo easy, by delivering to your door. We love how Graze personalizes their exotic snacks to suit your flavor preferences.

You won’t believe some of these (out-of-the) boxes.

Got a case of wanderlust? The next best thing to traveling the world is eating like you are. Try The World has a snack subscription box for adventurous palettes. Each monthly box contains six unexpected snacks from six countries, made by artisanal producers. 

Think treats like Japanese yuzu gummy candies and cacao nibs from Peru.

Parents, there’s even a healthy food subscription service for your tiny human. 

Raised Real prepare flash-frozen, organic, baby-ready snacks that you can steam in five minutes. If you’re taking a family road trip, your box can meet you on the road with delivery to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Fancy workout gear is #worthit.

ALO Yoga addicts, breathe a sigh of relief! There’s a reason fancy workout leggings, tanks, and sneakers are popular at the gym.

Throwing on trendy mesh leggings gives people “enclothed cognition,” a performance-boosting mental shift you experience when you wear certain clothes. It makes you feel more fun and positive about your workout.

Even professionals agree.

Putting on new fitness gear is kind of like the way an actor uses costume to get into character, according to Dr. Jonathan Fader (sports psychologist for the Mets.)

When you look the part, you’re more inclined to be active, but you also feel more confident in your abilities, which can lead to better focus, motivation, and gains.

And your workout gear isn’t just stylish, it’s super functional.

Leggings now offer hacks borrowed from advances in support undies. Sweaty Betty’s Power Leggings, use “bum-sculpting” technology and 38% elastane for stretch & support.  

Feeling inspired to jump into Wellness Month? Mix and match your favorite bits and find the well-life that works for you.

Visit for reviews of healthy life brands to get you started, and make it happen!


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