Keep Calm & Get Your Zen Home On


Having a hard time leaving office work, well… at the office? We all know work-life balance is key but it can be hard to get it right.

But you can make it happen.

Returning to a Zen, calming space after a long workday will help you relax, re-energize, and de-stress. But don’t worry, you don’t need to transform yourself into a Zen Buddhist to embrace calm living.

For Zen, enlightenment is inside (pun intended).

With a bit of decluttering, unplugging, and simple joys like natural scents and home spa pampering, transform your home into a Zen den.

Repeat after us: Breathe in, Zen out.

We’ve answered your most-Googled home Zen questions to help you create your chill space faster! Let’s get started.

How do I make my home feel Zen?

Sometimes less really is more.

Why come home to clutter when you can return to a tranquil space to recharge your batteries? Marie Kondo (more on this minimalist guru below), popularized only keeping items that “spark joy”.

Inspired to purge?

A Zen-style room is simple. Comfortable furniture, a beautiful flower, lighting that suits the mood, and minimal clutter keep the energy flowing freely. Diffusers with essential oils like lavender to calm or grapefruit to inspire will turn your home into a legit spa!

It’s all about natural colors in soft tones, which have the power to relax you. Visual continuity between walls, furniture and floors is important too. Look for furniture with clean lines.

There are Zen-friendly materials for a home hug.

PRO TIP: Check out Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding” show on Netflix to see a Zen-expert at work.

Wooden flooring or natural fabric rugs, curtains, and cushions can reinforce the cocooning sensation of a room. Choose soft lighting over harsh florescent or ceiling lights.

Take it from a pro…

Here’s design director Ruth Wasserman’s checklist for achieving a Zen home environment:

  1. Bring the outside in- houseplants and flowers are powerful mood boosters and air purifiers for urbanites in small spaces.
  2. Pay attention to color, they can improve positivity and motivation.
  3. Use mind-boosting scents to counterbalance hectic urban life. (Pinterest searches for anti-anxiety ginger oil are up 600%!)

Do I need a dedicated Zen room?

Celebs have taken to building man caves and she sheds, but you can get the Zen without the construction. Upgrade your bedroom into a Zen-rich inner sanctum.

Make your bedroom a cozy cocoon.

Try essential oil diffusers, soft and comfortable bedding, gentle lighting, and gorgeous healing crystals.

And don’t forget Feng Shui wisdom. Recommendations for bedrooms include putting your bed close to a natural source of light and avoiding placing it in front of a door.

And keep blue light out of the bedroom.

Digital devices are most often a source of distraction and don’t work with a Zen space. If you absolutely need to have your TV set in the bedroom don’t make it obvious.

PRO TIP: Turn your bathroom into a pampering home spa. Think trending ‘hydroponic’ (soil-free) plants, and aromatic bath and shower oils. Add a fluffy bathmat so you can turn your bathroom floor into a heavenly cloud.

How do I make my home office Zen-like?

Trust us, it’s worth it.

Emotional stability can be the #1 marker of job performance, so bring soothing nature into your workspace.

Here’s how…

Amp up your creative ambiance with a dimmable, warm-hued table lamp to help you focus as the light fades. Beautify the space as much as possible because your home office is still part of your home, after all.

Don’t forget about the Zen-friendly materials from before.

It’s easier to pull together a complete look with a theme in mind. Think about your favorite space  – whether it’s a garden, the beach or the forest and the colors, sights, and sounds associated with it.

Bring the great outdoors in with plants.

Air plants are the perfect low maintenance addition to your Zen space.

Can I do Zen decor on a budget?


The power of less is part of Zen culture, and renting preloved items fits snugly with this living philosophy. You can rent everything from clothes to furniture.

Through brands like Rent-A-Center, you can fill a home with rented, Zen-inspired design. Rent the Runway, plans to introduce rentable pillows and throws from West Elm.

PRO TIP: A monochrome bathroom is ideal for those on a budget. While it can be designed to look glam, industrial, farmhouse, or modern to suit your taste, most black and white tiles are porcelain or ceramic- both cheaper than natural stone.

Once confined to the mysterious sector of home decor, Himalayan salt rock lamps are trending and affordable. They keep the energy flowing to clear the air and aid sleep.

Their soft peach glow is as hard to resist as their health benefits dating back centuries. Brands like Ambient Salt Co, now offer smooth square, spherical, and pyramid shapes for a modern look.

Searching for brands to make your home more Zen?

See our expertly curated trending list:


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