Living it up WHILE you head back to your health kick


Maybe you’ve been sticking to your fitness goals for a full 24 days (go you!) or maybe you’re looking for some motivation to get back on track (or start the track, for that matter.) Either way, give your healthy-living goals a boost by adding some sassy new athleisure pieces to your wardrobe and indulging in healthy treat brands that won’t leave your cravings in the dark.

Look and feel the part in winning athleisure styles

Outdoor Voices make exercise essentials and colorful fitness wear for women & men. Their uplifting motto just feels real: “We Believe in Doing Things. For Fun. Daily.” Throw the stress of competition out the window and enjoy yourself being active with friends. It’s easy to believe their call to action that moving your body frees your mind when you can look this cool in athleisure gear 😉

Try some healthy desserts

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The Paleo diet is based on the idea that we should eat food that’s as unprocessed as possible- its nickname? The caveman diet. If you think it sounds crazy, celebs from Blake Lively to Channing Tatum have tried it out for themselves. Paleo Treats make delicious health-focused desserts.

Am I dreaming you ask?

No, this is the Californian dessert club that delivers the best Paleo goodies in the world straight to you – free of milk, butter, gluten, sugar and other things you’re striving to avoid. Now you don’t have to give up on spoiling yourself when you’re striving to get healthier or waste precious time in the kitchen cooking up a ton of healthy ‘better luck next time’ fails!

Have we whetted your appetite for must-have motivating and healthy stuff? Check out these ShopStreet brands offering similar goodies to help you stay on top of your wellness goals:

Naturebox: Healthy snacks that don’t compromise the yum-factor. Sign up for a box or order a pack.

Takecareof: Brings you a personalized daily vitamin pack to suit your diet & lifestyle based on a personalized quiz.

Brandless: Disrupting the online grocery industry by offering TONS of better-for-you products at fair prices.

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