Stylish and Reliable Luggage: Up, Up and Away!

Stylish and durable direct-to-consumer luggage brands that are making the world smaller by making travel easier than ever.

If you’re constantly daydreaming of your next destination, there’re only two things you need: your passport and a reliable piece of carry-on luggage. Touting everything from custom creations to durable and sleek standbys, these rock star brands allow you to easily jet set anywhere around the globe in the blink of an eye. It’s time to get that next stamp in your passport—all without the constant worry of your luggage surviving the trip. 



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This Instagram-famous luggage brand is a direct-to-consumer darling. Their mission is for customers to get more out of every trip, and it seeps into every aspect of the brand. From the charging port to the minimal-yet-functional design, each suitcase has been thoughtfully created to make traveling as easy and joyful as possible. By taking away the retailer mark-up and diminishing their own margin, Away gives customers a top-of-the-line suitcase at a fraction of the price. Opt for The Carry-On for the perfect overhead companion. 



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These bags are made by travel junkies, for travel junkies. Combining form and function, Paravel’s duffel bags and accessories are all made by skilled artisans from high-quality and wear-resistant materials. The end result is a lightweight piece that is tough and durable without sacrificing style. Their special cotton canvas fabrication isn’t new, but it’s been reimagined for modern-day living and travel to be more durable than ever. Plus, their honest pricing methods ensure you aren’t overpaying for your luggage—instead, use your savings for your next adventure.



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Roam boasts unparalleled luggage expertise from their founding members. Backed by two of the creators of notable luggage brand TUMI, you can fully customize Roam suitcases to express your personality to the fullest. Made from top-notch materials and with unmatched attention-to-detail, the sky is the limit (literally and figuratively).  The Jaunt, the brand’s signature carry-on, allows you to choose the color of everything from the handle to the shell to the zipper pull. You can add a monogram or patch, and have your custom creation on your doorstep as quickly as overnight.


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