Best Eyewear Brands on the Market at this VERY MOMENT

Warby Parker led the way for stylish and affordable eyewear delivered to your door. But since they changed the game, there are a few new players on the field of glasses. Offering up colorful hues, unexpected styles, and durable construction, these fashion-forward brands help to make people proud to be a four-eyes. 

Felix Gray

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On a mission to reduce eyestrain and headaches from screen time, Felix Gray is changing the glasses game. They analyzed and reinvented traditional computer glasses to be more effective—and also more stylish. The signature lenses work to filter out blue light from computers or smartphone screens. This helps lessen blurry vision and strained eyes while still offering flattering frames at an affordable price point.



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Izipizi has every type of glasses you could imagine. Ranging from reading to sun to screen, this French brand reinvents the classics to suit modern styles. Founded in 2010, the fashion-forward brand continually innovates with stylish partnerships, seasonal styles and new lines like their Sun snow “all weather” goggles perfect for hitting the slopes. 


Pair Eyewear

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Thanks to Pair, kids can get in on the affordable-eyewear action as well. Designed in-house, these colorful and fun frames are disrupting the market. Based on a study of 500 families and children, the Pair’s founders made it their mission to provide affordable and unique options for the little ones. Plus, they’re trying to do some good—through their Pair for a Pair program, they partner with The Eyelliance to provide glasses to children in need in the developing world. 



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BonLook’s mission is to “become the ultimate destination for your eyewear wardrobe.” So far, they’re succeeding! They cut out the costs associated with traditional middlemen and distribution methods, and offer their trendy frames at unbeatable prices. Designed in Montreal and made with high-quality acetate or stainless steel, the quality is as coveted as the cost.

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