Spend Your Money on Beauty Brands that Make a Difference

Beauty conscious and socially conscious? Sign us up! These brands put their causes first, and are devoted to supporting women, children, the environment, and a lot of things in between. If you care about something, and you’re ready to make a statement with your style, these brands are for you.


Thistle Farms

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Based out of Nashville, Thistle Farms has an all-natural collection of soothing body care and candles that supports women survivors of trafficking and addiction. Each product is handmade as a part of the Thistle Farms project, a two year program which gives the survivors a safe place to stay and a source of income on their path to healing. Try out their signature scent, lavender vanilla in this spirit-lifting bath soak!


The Lipstick Lobby

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Rooted in female empowerment and social justice beliefs, The Lipstick Lobby encourages women to speak out on the issues with statement-making lip products. The brand offers a big range of colors, and 100% of the proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and The unPrison project. In addition to their socially conscious shades, The Lipstick Lobby also carries accessories and cause-supportive clothing, including this trendy Lipstick it to the Man tee.


Thrive Causemetics

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High-performance beauty with a purpose, Thrive Causemetics was founded by a makeup artist dedicated to helping women support their families, as well as animal rights and environmental charities. As if that’s not innovative enough, you can join the Thrive Lab Team and give your input on what the next cruelty-free, ultra pigmented product should be.



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The beauty rebel brand, Lipslut was born in the wake of 2016 election to provide a bold commentary in today’s political climate. With OMG product names (still can’t get over the PG-rated Leftylibglobalistsantifacommiesocialisthollyweirdopigs) and bright shade range, it’s no wonder that the liquid lip line has gained quite the social media following. Fifty percent of each product’s proceeds go to support charities fighting for sexual assault victims and civil rights activism.



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