7 Self-Care Tips to Overcome Your End of Summertime Blues


It’s already September and we’re not quite sure where July and August ran off to. We were just starting to forget what leaving the office at 5pm in the dark was like…

The end of summer is when we transition from a time of gorgeous weather and vacations, back to a life that seems more serious. A bit like a Sunday that ended too fast. 

For many, it can be the start of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and an overall feeling of meh.

But it doesn’t have to be a bummer.

The good news is that self-care is the perfect antidote to the end of summertime blues and your route to staying energized as fall arrives.  

It’s all about creating moments within each day to practice meaningful self-care that makes you feel healthy and joyful.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and are bringing you the power of self-care tips to turn your SAD face upside down as fall arrives.

1. Prolong the summertime mood

You don’t need to wave goodbye to summertime when September comes round. 

Prolong it by doing some of the same things you enjoyed from June to August. Tastes, sounds, and smells can all be mental transporter beams back to your last Airbnb adventure.

You can do this by recreating your delish vacation cuisine at home. And look up the music you enjoyed over the summer, and make a cooking playlist to dance to. Smell the feeling with candles and oils in multiple scents from brands like Otherland & Pure Botanica. Sip the same wine you loved in the bathtub and you’re practically back in Italy.

Back in familiar territory, it’s easy to lose sight of positivity, especially when money and work stress seems to fill your life and the dreary weather certainly isn’t helping.

In these moments, a gratitude journal can be a great tool to find positivity. You can get back into happy-go-lucky summer vibes, minus the sunburn.

2. Spoil yourself with self-compassion

Don’t be your own bully.

The first step in practicing self-care is learning how to be self-compassionate.

“Pay attention to your self-talk and speak to yourself the way you would to someone you love. If you notice your self-talk isn’t loving, catch it and try again with care,” says Zereana Jess-Huff, a therapist for ReThink My Therapy. 

Try this quiz to find out if you’re taking this advice to heart. We love the personalized advice it gives at the end for increasing our self-love.

The end of summertime is the perfect time to treat yourself to self-care props that will nourish your journey. 

Think subscriptions – curated boxes filled with SAD-busting goodies. Plus, who doesn’t love getting surprised packages?

Or give self-care a bear hug with “Practice You: A Journal” from yogi and artist, Elena Bower.  It’s described as “a portable sacred sanctuary to record our flashes of insight, find our ground, create and clarify our goals, and bear witness to our own evolution.”

3. Dip into some “Insta-therapy”

You read it right! 

More people are turning to Instagram to access mental health info. 

Californian therapist, Lisa Olivera, has over 215k followers, sharing wisdom tidbits, tools for wellbeing, and inspo about topics like self-worth. She inspires with quotes like “Don’t leave your wellbeing up to the universe.”

She’s just one of a growing subset of licensed therapists sharing self-care tips and ideas on social.

Olivera has made it clear that these accounts are not actually therapy, which is a longer-term relationship between therapist and client that seeks to diagnose and treat issues. They’re more of a learning and support tool where people can have conversations about just being human.

Social media doesn’t have to only foster bad body image, but can also be a place for motivational and comforting communities to form around shared struggles.

4. Get glowing skin with barrier protection

Bring your summer glow with you into fall.

You’ll never get the glowy skin of your dreams if you keep using badly formulated (and sometimes uber harsh) beauty products.

Many of your products may be breaking down the skin barriers and harming your acid mantle, making your skin vulnerable. Weird name. Important mantle. The acid mantle is the protective film of natural oils, amino acids, and sweat that covers your skin. 

What’s to blame, you ask?

Drying alcohol and even harsh essential oils are the baddies, made worse by environmental factors. To some pros, using these products is like years of chomping on junk food. You’re left with inflamed, patchy skin and other symptoms of compromised skin defenses.

Cleansing your skin with anything alkaline interferes with the skin’s ability to repair itself and makes it less elastic. Doing so is like saying “Come on in!” to a bacterium called propionibacterium acnes that plays a major part in any breakout drama. No standing ovation here.

This focus on acidity as the key to healthy skin is the theory behind innovative brands like Atolla, which tests for factors including pH and sends monthly customized serums.

No surprise, then, that “barrier repair” and “barrier protection” are among the newest beauty buzzwords!

5. Make quality sleep your priority

We may sound like sleep obsessives, but if you’re sleep-deprived, your self-care doesn’t stand a chance.

Trust us, sleep is worth it.

When you sleep, your brain builds neural highways, consolidates memory, and eradicates toxins. 

“We’re a chronically sleep-deprived society. We now know that the vast majority of the population requires a full eight hours of sleep per night for both short-term and long-term good health, and we also know very few people get it,” says Alex Lickerman, MD, author of The Ten Worlds: The New Psychology of Happiness.

We love how IKEA’s new 2020 catalog wants to help you make your home sleep-friendly. This home styling powerhouse is putting self-care front and center. IKEA identified the 5 emotional needs of a home: belonging, ownership, security, comfort, & privacy. Every single product now links back to one of these chill-related needs.

6. Go “nature bathing” in the great outdoors

Just because it’s about to get chilly again doesn’t mean you have to hibernate. 

One of the best ways to avoid seasonal blues is to embrace the sunlight and spend time outside.

Nature bathing isn’t what it sounds like.

It’s simply spending deliberate time outdoors to appreciate the living earth around you. Look out for opportunities to spend time in nature – in a park, on the beach, in your yard. 

Immersing yourself in nature calms the central nervous system, elevates your mood, and increases energy levels. The benefits are felt for hours and days afterward.

No wonder – fall is gorgeous! 

Head outdoors to catch up with friends, even if it means you just take a call on your porch.

Being outside helps you focus on the beauty of the changing leaves and the joys of the season – getting cozy by the fire, pumpkin spice lattes, and comfy sweaters.

7. Sound out ASMR & sound healing

The power of sound is about more than voice or music. 

Trending “sound baths” are a new take on meditation. They’re scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase feelings of empathy, improve focus, and boost immunity.

You may have heard of their most popular form: ASMR.

It’s short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and hundreds of gently sensual audio clips are posted on YouTube daily by people recording sounds intending to relax and spread good vibes for others. 

Think rustling paper or sand falling through fingers. Research has suggested that ASMR might be linked to socially bonding “affiliative behaviors,” known to release feel-good hormones like oxytocin.

Gibi ASMR is one popular YouTube ASMR stars who creates calming, caring sounds. Here’s her “Slow & Calm Triggers for Sleep”,  viewed by millions.

Clean beauty maven, Gwyneth Paltrow, recently got in on the ASMR game. Highlighting her brand’s new exfoliator, the actress and Goop entrepreneur starts tapping on and whispering into a microphone. 

Shared online, this spoof take on spine-tingling ASMR videos is actually soothing! 

Feeling more empowered to change your take on the end of summer to an upbeat one? Visit ShopStreet.com to immerse yourself in the power of brands that stand for the values that matter to your wellness journey.


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