Top-Shelf Treats to Spoil Your Pooch


You feel better when you eat better foods, so wouldn’t your dog too?  Instead of opting for just any old dog treat (because that’s not fun is it!) here’s our fave organic pet snacks that you can grab online that will totally earn your dog mom or dog dad of the year.


Waveland Paws

Source: Waveland Paws

Every one of Waveland Paws dog treats are locally sourced and are made of all-natural and gluten-free ingredients (no artificial stuff here) for a real and flavorful treat that your dog is sure to crave.  As if Waveland Paws smart formulation isn’t enough, all of their dog treats—including the fan fave Meaty Sticks—are handmade in small batches to ensure a pure and nutrient dense treat. Averaging around $5.00 a bag, this family run brand  is a total steal… especially if you’re wanting to swap out your average pet store picks.


Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

Source: Instagram

Special occasion dog treats that aren’t fueled by empty calories, Lazy Dog Co is by far the most colorful and sweetest organic pet food brand on the market.  Lazy Dog Co offers a number of celebratory dog pies, holiday-themed treats, and even their own campfire-flavored Mutt Mellows that are all free from “meh” ingredients. Try ordering one of their signature hand-decorated birthday Pup-Pies for your pooch’s next party.


Plato Pet Treats

Source: Plato Pet Treats

In layman’s terms, Plato Pet Treats is pretty much the Keto Diet for your dog, except way less intimidating. Consciously formulated in their California kitchen, each one of Plato’s treats are formulated from naturally sourced ingredients that provide your dog with essential vitamins and nutrients. The brand’s fan faves,  Organic Chicken Real Strips, are slow-roasted for added flavor and health benefits (including a shinier coat!).



Source: Instagram

All of Petcurean’s treats are created by a team of pet food nutritionists that are dedicated to helping your dog find a balanced (and even botanical-based) diet that’s personalized to fit your diet.  Although they have an array of all-natural treats, Petcurean is one of the few brands producing a vegan-friendly line, Gather. As if this animal loving brand can’t get any better, all of Petcurean’s products are packaged in ultra sustainable 100% recyclable packaging.


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