Two chicks, some lipstick, and Insta-beauty… oh my!

Stuck in an Instagram beauty video trance, I tend to think: “I could totally do that… all I need are the right products, tools, skills, time, and lighting.” The 30-second looping videos seem both so accessible and so utterly out of my league. Start with some foundation (alright). Next, contouring (uh oh) followed by a “quick” eye look that incorporates 9 colors blended precisely (it’s all in the wrist?!). Cut to 24 seconds later and you have yourself a fast and simple everyday look. Wasn’t that easy?

As it turns out, us beauty-perplexed folks aren’t alone. I spoke with Lori Fabrizio and Valeria Nova, hair and makeup experts who have been (crushing) in their fields for over a decade. They started their company, Two Chicks and Some Lipstick, to share their knowledge. Talking about everything from beauty basics to the tough stuff, they help women feel beautiful and confident, no matter how much goop is on their skin. They also shared some secrets:

How’d this all get started?

Lori: I was working with everyday women and Val and I were working together on sets. We realized we had been separated at birth! Clients started asking us questions like “Why did you do that?” or “What product did you use?” Most women don’t know a ton about makeup so we started a blog with a mission of educating women on technique and the products we use and love and why.

Val: We understood the questions the women sitting in our chairs had. There’s so much misinformation swimming through social media- Instagram came out and went from 0 to 100 with makeup. It was even intimidating to us as makeup artists! All the most so, from a regular woman’s perspective, it’s like “OMG I have to do that to look like Kim K?!” If you’re going out on a date, you don’t have to do all that but Instagram missed makeup basics.

Two Chicks and Some Lipstick- what do you do?

Val: We break down makeup to be as simple as possible so that no matter who you are, you’ll have an understanding of how to apply makeup. Some women show up with every product in Sephora but don’t know what to do with them.

Lori: We teach women that even if they’re doing something as simple as putting on mascara, it can be fun, easy, and a huge confidence booster. We offer oneday Master Classes and online courses.

What are your favorite brands that you think no one else knows about?

Val: Makeup Forever is a smaller brand that people are often surprised to hear about. Kiss NY and NYX are also great. Their products are modeled after department store products. Luxury brands are stepping up their game so drug store brands have been forced to do the same.

PRO TIP: Decide what your biggest concerns are and invest in that. Then go to the drug store and buy everything else.

Lori: Fitcover is an all natural Australian brand with mineral blend makeup. It has great coverage and is easy to use. I also love Skin Gym gemstone beauty rollers. The Detox Market is in LA and they carry tons of green beauty and indie brands.

What trends do you see emerging over the next few months?

Val: Younger generations are searching for answers about social consciousness. Self love includes loving yourself enough to not throw a bunch of crap on your skin. You can wear makeup and feel good about it and it doesn’t have to be bad for you. More trends are no-makeup makeup… which still requires makeup. Glowy skin. Dewy highlighters.

Lori: People are looking for green beauty alternatives. In the past, natural makeup brands sucked. They had no choice but to become better. It’s a matter of time before people start to care about what’s in their creams, candles, air freshners, and makeup. On the whole, you can be minimalist and maximalist– you just have to wear it well and with confidence.

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