Wear your heart on your (rented) sleeve!


Looking to make an entrance in designer apparel that won’t clash with your green side (or break the bank)? Like the idea of reinventing your style as often as you change your coffee order?  We know you care about the world you live in, and naturally, you want to express that in what you do and how you consume – keeping your carbon footprint small and all that 😉

Tree-hug in style!

Here’s a fashion-forward brand that lets you own runway-ready looks and “wear your feelings” as they put it brilliantly.

Rent The Runway gets that you’re looking to be original AND sustainable (we’re looking at you, fast fashion.) Live like a celeb and never go out in the same thing twice and be on-trend with the less is more approach– no more ‘stuffocation’! Why own when you can loan or, as the brand itself puts it, Buy less. Wear more. Be You. We like the way one customer offers her take on the apparel renting revolution, feeling it “Completely de-risks trying styles. You can be whoever you want to be for 24 hours and then be someone completely different the next day.” Another is a fan of the thrill of experimehttps://www.renttherunway.com/nting with her look from a treasure chest of hundreds of thousands of pieces enthusing “You know when you buy something and you’re super-excited to wear it? You get to do that pretty much daily!”

Want to rent more of the looks you love and show you care about the planet? Here are some brands to get you started:

Le Tote → A place to wear, return, repeat. Reinventing yourself is easy!

Style Lend → Worth a visit to find out how fashion recycling can save the world!

Gwynnie Bee → Lets you explore your fashion personality by raiding their closet as often as you like.

We do door-to-door service, too! We scour the web (so you don’t have to) and will hit your inbox with the best new brands out there:


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