Why the hype about personalized skincare?


“One formula fits all” skincare products don’t cut it anymore. Mass-produced, store-bought products, no matter how lovely the packaging, don’t take your unique skin needs into account.

That’s why pioneering brands are putting personalized skincare first. These newly popular trailblazers offer tailored solutions to skin issues and frustrations, with impressive results. What’s their secret? Nothing more than finding out about you through a series of holistic questions like a dermatologist would. You can also send no-makeup selfies and ongoing feedback so your progress is tracked.

The customized blends you end up with are top-notch skincare solutions powered by professional know-how and AI intel.  And the magic all happens online!

Mapping YOUR skin!

Curology was set up by a family of doctors and technologists convinced that optimal skincare comes from a journey of discovery focused on listening to users. They get that no two women have the same facial skincare needs. They’re sympathetic to our skin’s everyday challenges from breakouts to wrinkles, dark spots to clogged pores.

Here’s a summary of how Curology works:

Source: Curology

Before and after selfies on the site show customers with happily-ever-after skin stories. As Curology says: Lose the one-size-fits-all drugstore stuff. Your customized Curology “superbottle” mixes ingredients you can’t get off the shelf — and has your name on the label!  

Plus, every month, Curology provides 100 free 2-year subscriptions to teens from families in need, too.

Turning you into a skincare scientist

Atolla is a skincare health brand that grew out of co-founder Meghan Maupin’s MIT research led by her own skin flare-ups as a college student. It empowers users to take ownership of their skin health – whether it’s reducing lines or clearing up pimples- by simplifying skin science.

Named after the luminous Atolla jellyfish, its personalized approach relies on a user-friendly skin analysis kit sent out monthly. Use it to measure changes in your skin’s moisture, oil and pH levels. There’s also an app for uploading selfies, lifestyle details like environment and diet, plus your test results.

Source: Atolla

Atolla’s algorithm uses insights from people who have similar skin to you and determines your skin sequence to create a personalized serum based on your skin’s attributes. Your results and your feedback on what’s working and what’s not are used to continually improve the product and your skin.

For bonus points, they take your preferences into account for things like texture and smell. As co-founder Meghan Maupin says: “You could give someone the most effective product in the world, but if they don’t like how it feels or smells, they won’t use it. Preference testing is a wonderful, tactile part of the Atolla experience that helps create a truly customized product.”

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