How Woke Are Your Brands?


When you shop, how do pick the perfect item?

You’re probably considering the cost. But we’ll bet that there are a few other things that matter to you besides $$$.

Like if the brand is woke enough to ethical issues that matter to you. But maybe you also care about free shipping. And perhaps you’re vegetarian. Maybe you love supporting USA made stuff. Or you need a “customer service guy” for every online purchase you make.

No matter your priorities, there’s been a not so quiet revolution happening in the way people shop. 

Your stuff = you. You care about stuff. And we want to bring the items into our lives that mesh with our lifestyle and values. 

Values have nudged themselves front and center in our shopping choices. And they’ve gotten into every shopping category from food to fashion to home decor.

We’re here for the brands that are speaking about values. 

These brands get that you’re complicated. And you can have it all. There are zen skin-care brands (Moon Juice). Plastic bottle shoe brands (Rothy’s). And period care brands with a conscience (Tavia).

So how do you find these brands?!

ShopStreet’s got your back. It’s a brand discovery and review site that highlights brand values so you can make the best decision for you.

Remember, People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do…

So what matters to you?

How would you define woke? 

At its core, it’s about being sensitive to positive things like tolerance, fairness, and being alert to social issues.

Many celebs and influencers are vocal about issues that matter to them, and usually have their fave causes. Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt campaign for the environment, Rihanna talks inclusivity, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba fight for clean beauty, and healthy eating advocate, FLOTUS Michelle Obama, talks about the transformative power of food. 

At ShopStreet, we’ve pinpointed the key values you might be looking out for. 

And it’s not just newer “millennial” brands that are woke – established brands are taking the cue from consumers and are racing to show how much they care.

In August 2019, top US CEOs issued a trailblazing statement saying that corporations are about more than making money. Think value-led goals like investing in employees and dealing ethically with suppliers. And there’s more good news. Clothing megabrand ASOS recently made it possible for users to search by sustainable brands.

Here are the brands leading the pack.

In 2018, Adidas sold 5 million pairs of sneakers made with recycled ocean plastic, with 11 million pairs the goal for 2019. 

Ralph Lauren’s Earth Polo shirts are each made from 12 recycled plastic bottles diverted from landfills and oceans. 

Prada will not use fur starting in 2020. 

Who else cares about this stuff?

Conscious consumerism is thriving! 

Social media has helped democratize the relationship between retailers and consumers, and let consumers find their voice. 

People can use the power of social media to ‘shame’ companies for values that don’t align with theirs. And it’s not just Gen Z and millennials who want to vote with their wallets.

Here’s the latest take on what people who care about the same stuff you do think:

  • Consumers want high standards around equality, social responsibility, transparency and traceability throughout their operations (SAI Global).
  • “Beauty with a conscience,” is a core value that crosses all beauty categories (Beautystreams). We’re talking values like animal and chemical-free vegan beauty products.
  • 63% of consumers prefer to purchase products and services from companies that stand for a purpose that reflects their own values and beliefs. Over half of these consumers said they were likely to boycott brands that don’t reflect their values and beliefs (Accenture).
  • 88% of people are disappointed if brands aren’t helping consumers improve their environmental and social footprint (Futerra).

Want to see other values on ShopStreet? We’re all ears:

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