You go girl! Celebrate the revolution in personal care for International Women’s Day


It’s IWD 2019 and women are boldly sashaying into the future, taking on everything from gender-balancing boardrooms to governments to paychecks. And we’re finally getting some real talk about periods! We’re over ads from household-name brands making Aunt Flo sound like a blue-liquid dream holiday or faking green credentials. We’ve got Insider news on innovative personal care brands that are making it a better time of the month, year-round. Think eco-friendly materials, time-saving conveniences, and supporting female entrepreneurs and women in need. Now these are some #goals we can get behind.

Be period powerful

TOTM (Time of the month) is on a mission to get everyone talking openly about menstrual wellness and modernize how women manage their periods. They deliver organic and new-style sanitary protection and practical, intelligent accessories to your door. Plus they give online help and support throughout the month to help women feel in control of their bodies and lives. Every sale supports endometriosis research, helping uteruses across the globe.

Source: Instagram

Go tribal

Tampon Tribe is a posse of women working to eliminate everything unnatural that’s added to everyday pads and tampons. For these trailblazers, that means no plastics and avoiding chemicals like bleach, perfumes, dyes, and synthetics, so all products are biodegradable.

Source: Tampon Tribe

This brand uses organic cotton and insists on a transparent, monitored production process. Products are wallet-friendly so all women can enjoy healthier, leak-proof protection.  You can feel even better because they match each purchase with a gift of a feminine hygiene product pack to homeless women on US streets.

Keep sharing the love

L is another ethical personal care brand making organic period products and chemical-free condoms available to women. Matching sales with product donations to women in need, they also distribute through female entrepreneurs, helping women they work with generate their own income.

Source: Lola

Lola makes reproductive health products such as a pioneering Sexual Wellness Kit and organic personal care products. If we care about the ingredients in everything from our food to our face cream, why should our feminine care and sexual health products be any different? say founders Jordana & Alex, who ensure that products also go to low-income women across the U.S.

If getting quality personal care products delivered to your door appeals, check out these brands:

Hers → Accessible, prescription-based products addressing our skin, hair and sexual health concerns.

Pink Parcel  → Unbox your fave personal care brands in the comfort of home.

Tavia → Buy feminine hygiene here and they will donate quality products to gals in developing countries.


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